Spill Shield Incorporated

Spill Shield Inc. carries a complete line of Environmental Compliance Products including Drum trays, duck ponds, sorbent booms, containment berms, and absorbent pads for Construction, storm water management & Oil Spill Response.

A major issue with living and working in remote northern areas is the difficulty of disposing of small quantities of common waste, such as oily rags, used sump oil, used filters etc, that are generated in the communities, camps or mining operations. There are significant problems with cleaning up small oil spills on the tundra, or in small lakes and marshes. In many areas the cost of shipping out oil contaminated materials or medical waste is very high. Keeping the northern environment clean requires a different approach from that used in major cities.

Oil spills on small lakes, marsh lands or tundra in isolated areas require different techniques from those used in river or harbor settings. In many cases if there is a swift response, a major ecological incident may be avoided. Over the past fifteen years Spill Shield has put together a low priced package of equipment that may be easily shipped to an isolated site, prior to work being undertaken. The package consists of a supply of Absorbent W, the Spill Shield Water Scrubber and a Smart Ash Incinerator Unit with a small generator.

The Spill Shield Water Scrubber’s performance is based on Absorbent W’s unique ability to absorb oil while repelling water. Absorbent W is a natural fiber cellulose material that selectively absorbs and retains hydrocarbons. Spill Shield Water Scrubber will remove oil from water for a fraction of the cost of other removal systems such as mechanical oil water separators. In repeated tests with diesel, motor oils and gasoline at initial hydrocarbon levels of 30,000 to over 250,000 ppm, the water scrubber removed over 99.9% of the hydrocarbons in one quick pass. (Test data available upon request)

In Alaska we have used the Elastec Smart Ash© unit for over fifteen years. Simply load a standard, roll top open head steel drum, light the load and clamp on the lid. A whirlwind of fire and intense heat is created inside the drum, burning shop refuse with no smoke and no smell.

Over a thousand Smart Ash Units have been sold in Alaska. Many more have been sold throughout the USA and the rest of the world. Customers in Alaska include the Federal Government. major oil and mining companies, the State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Alaska Native Regional and Village Corporations, Fishing and Hunting camps and isolated communities.