The Elastec Smart Ash © Mini Incinerator


In Alaska we have used the Elastec Smart Ash© unit for over fifteen years.  The SmartAsh portable cyclonic incinerator requires only 120v or 220v power for the air supply fan and no other fuel. Simply load a standard, roll top open head steel drum, light the load and clamp on the lid. A whirlwind of fire and intense heat is created inside the drum, burning shop refuse with no smoke and no smell.

Over a thousand SmartAsh units have been sold in Alaska.  Many more have been sold throughout the USA and the rest of the world.  Customers in Alaska include the Federal Government. major oil and mining companies, the State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Alaska Native Regional and Village Corporations, Fishing and Hunting camps and isolated communities.

The SmartAsh can be used with or without fuel. For dry loads that support combustion, such as oily rags, absorbent pads, etc the SmartAsh incinerates waste with incredible efficiency and in an environmentally correct manner.

For loads having moisture content above 15%, the SmartAsh with an OilAway Attachment provides a unique fuel injection system that allows the incineration of a large variety of wet refuse and waste materials, including Pampers etc. A SmartAsh with the OilAway Attachment will also eliminate waste oil at rates up to 6 gallons/hr. (23 L/hr).


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