Industrial Sorbents and Spill Response Products

Spill Shield Inc
. sells booms and baffles made by Elastec/American Marine. Boom and baffles can be manufactured in custom sizes for sludge ponds or settling tanks etc, for municipalities and the mining industry.

It is frequently an environmental requirement that for any work done refurbishing a dock or river bank that the site is surrounded by a boom that is contiguous to the river bed. Elastec/American manufactures custom turbidity boom to cover this requirement.

Spill Shield Inc. can provide skimmers, spill response kits, and related oil spill cleanup products such as drum trays, a wide array of absorbent pads, rolls, sorbent boom, sorbent sock, duck ponds, containment boom, and much more.

Spill Shield Inc
. carries a complete line of products for storm water management that will help you comply with the Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Act. Driven by the EPA’s Federal Water Pollution Control Act (as amended by the Clean Water Act), this ruling is designed to prevent discharges of oil and oil-related materials from reaching navigable waters and adjoining shorelines. The SPCC rule took effect on January 10, 1974 and was revised in July of 2002. Regulated Materials include animal oils, fats and greases (including oils from fish or marine mammals), asphalt, aviation gasoline, bunker fuel, crude oil, cutting oil/machine coolants, dielectric fluid, diesel fuel, heating oil, gasoline, greases, hydraulic oil, jet fuel, lubricating oil, mineral spirits, motor oil, naptha, natural gas condensate, oil refuse, oily wastes (other than oil mixed with dredged soil), stoddard solvent, synthetic oils, tall oil, turpentine, residual fuels, used oil, vegetable oils (including oils from nuts, seeds, fruits and kernels). Facilities that meet such criteria must develop and implement a written SPCC Plan. The SPCC Plan must address all relevant spill prevention, control and countermeasures necessary to minimize the potential for oil discharge. Products that seal drains or divert spills from drains, as well as sorbents, are considered “control” or “countermeasures”.

Spill Shield Inc. has all these products available.