Oil Away


Oil Away, the incinerator oil burning attachment from Spill Shield is an accessory for waste oil disposal and general incineration. The Oil Away is attached to the Smartash Portable Cyclonic Barrel Incinerator.

The oil burning attachment injects waste oil into a burning Smart Ash Incinerator and can be used for “wet” loads typically not burnable in the Smart Ash due to the waste stream having a high moisture content.

Product Features

Designed for loads with moisture contents above 15%, a Smart Ash with Oil Away attachment significantly increases the types of refuse and waste materials that can be burned. Waste oil is eliminated at rates up to 23 liters per hour.

Smart Ash Incinerator with the Oil Away oil burning attachment can burn:

  • Waste oil for disposal
  • Restaurant waste
  • Organic materials
  • Oily rags, gloves, clothes
  • Paper waste
  • Absorbent materials
  • Filters
  • Wood by-products
  • General non-hazardous waste

The Oil Away incinerator oil burning attachment includes:

  • Metered pump 11-23 liters per hour
  • Hose to riser
  • Riser inside drum
  • Nozzle
  • Fitting and attachments